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Last updated on September 12, 2023

An uncontested divorce is when both parties have come to a comprehensive agreement on all issues involved in their divorce. While each divorce case is different, the agreement should include all material issues such as the division of assets and liabilities, child custody, parenting plans, child support and spousal support orders. An uncontested divorce is useful for families that want to resolve their divorce quickly and without conflict.

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Paul F. Sherman Is A Skilled And Effective Uncontested Divorce Attorney

At The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman, we are able to offer a very cost-effective way to handle your uncontested divorce. We have the skills and expertise to draft all the necessary documents, file the court pleadings, and move you quickly through the entire divorce process for much less money than you might think. We are skilled in drafting Stipulated Judgments that are enforceable in court.

Using The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman for your uncontested divorce allows you the advantage of having an experienced attorney create and review all the documents necessary to bring your divorce to a conclusion. It avoids the risk of procedural errors and omissions which typically occur when people try to handle divorce matters on their own and provides your family with the peace of mind of knowing that your divorce was handled correctly and efficiently.

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