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Last updated on September 12, 2023

Paul F. Sherman Has Over 35 years Of Legal Experience

Paul F. Sherman has been effectively representing divorce and family law clients for over 35 years.

We can help with divorce and family law issues. Call The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman at 503-223-8441 or contact us today for a free divorce and family law consultation.

Our Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman is a full service law firm which specialized in Civil litigation with an emphasis on Divorce, Child Custody, Family Law and Personal injury.  Our Practice Areas include:

  • Divorce: Helping clients with contested and uncontested divorce cases, including high net worth divorce matters
  • Child custody: Pursuing effective outcomes for parents regarding custody, parenting time and visitation issues
  • Emergency custody orders: Protecting children in immediate danger
  • Child Sex Abuse: Helping the victims of child sex abuse
  • Family law: Comprehensive and skilled representation on all family law matters, including paternity, parenting time, and child relocations
  • Complex property division: Helping our clients with large marital estates, family businesses and other complex property division issues
  • Legal separation: Helping clients who want to live separate financial lives while remaining legally married
  • Settlement agreements: Drafting divorce Marital Settlement Agreements and Separation Contracts that are enforceable, understandable and designed to help you to stay out of court in the future
  • Paternity: Helping fathers establish paternity, gain parental rights and visitation with their children
  • Prenuptial agreements: Drafting enforceable agreements that protect your pre-marital property and dictate how property should be divided after marriage
  • Modification of judgments: modifying custody, child support and spousal support judgments following a substantial change in circumstances, such as job loss or relocations
  • Protective orders: Helping clients protect their children with emergency custody orders and maintain the status quo during divorce and modification proceedings
  • Restraining orders: Helping clients protect their families and assets during a divorce
  • Grandparent rights: Pursuing visitation or custody rights for grandparents and third parties who have been intimately involved in the raising of their grandchildren
  • Temporary relief: Requesting pendente lite relief to address issues of temporary custody, family support, child support, use of vehicles and other matters prior to the final divorce judgment
  • Enforcement of judgments: Helping clients enforce a child support, spousal support, family support or other financial judgment
  • Estate planning: Helping families with their estate planning needs including drafting wills and trusts and Estate Administration including probate and intestate succession
  • Probate: Helping clients with probate and intestate administration
  • Personal injury: Helping our clients who have been injured by the negligence or other wrongful conduct of others, including motor vehicle accidents, serious injury and wrongful death
  • DUII and Criminal Law: Tough and effective representation when your license and freedom are at stake, including diversion and treatment programs if you are eligible and other criminal matters
  • Real estate and business law: Helping our clients with real estate and business law matters, including business entity formation and business litigation
  • Appeals: Helping our clients file and defend Family Law and Civil litigation appeals.

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Paul F. Sherman has decades of vital legal experience handling legal matters for our clients.  We offer personal service with proven results to every client.  We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome on your legal matter.  We are experienced, skilled and affordable.

We know you have questions, and we have answers. If you would like more information on our practice areas or would like advice on your legal problem, call The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman at 503-223-8441 or contact us for a free consultation.