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An appeal of a family law or divorce case is the process of applying to a higher court for a review of the trial court’s decision. There are strict timelines for an appeal and a Notice of Appeal must be timely filed for the appellate court to have jurisdiction. As a general rule, appeals of family law matters are made to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Once the Oregon Court of Appeals has issued its decision, either party may apply for review by the Oregon Supreme Court. Appeals to the Oregon Supreme Court are discretionary. The Oregon Court of Appeals will hear and decide on any appeal that is properly submitted.

How Long Is The Appellate Process?

The Appellate Process generally takes a minimum one to two years to complete depending the complexity of the case. A Notice of Appeal must be timely filed and served for the Appellate Court to have jurisdiction. The Appeal must involve an appealable order or judgment. The proceedings from the trial court will then be transcribed and the trial court record will be made available to the appellate court. The parties will then submit their briefs to address the matters under appeal. In certain cases, motion to stay the judgment may be granted. Enforcement of the judgment may also be put on hold by filing an appropriate bond.

Paul F. Sherman Is An Experienced And Effective Appellate Lawyer

The rules and procedures for appeals are complicated and require a skilled appellate attorney. Failure to comply with these rules and procedures can be fatal to your case and desired outcome. Accordingly, it is very important to obtain the guidance of an experienced appellate attorney. As a full-service family law firm, Paul F. Sherman is equipped to file or defend any and all appeals in the realm of family law or civil litigation.

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