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Last updated on September 12, 2023

Protective orders, orders of restraint, or Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) orders are designed to address domestic violence issues and to protect you and your children from abuse. Protecting your family from the unnecessary evil of domestic violence requires an experienced Portland protection order attorney. The effective use of restraining orders will stop the violence from escalating and prevent harmful and unnecessary contact. Protective orders allow the police to remove the person from your home and place the offending party in jail for violation of the order. Protective orders can also be abused and falsely accuse a person of an offense that never occurred and unlawfully remove him or her from a home or any contact with his or her children.

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Paul F. Sherman Is A Skilled And Effective Protection Order Attorney

Paul F. Sherman has over 35 years of experience in obtaining and defending protective orders. Common protective order situations include:

  • Emergency custody orders to protect a child who is in immediate danger
  • “Status quo” orders to maintain contact with your children, maintain their routines, and prevent others from hiding or secreting your children, or removing your children from the state
  • Restraining Orders to stop unwanted conduct
  • Family Abuse Prevention Act orders to stop domestic violence
  • Stalking Orders to stop unwanted contact
  • Elder Abuse orders to protect the elderly from abuse

When Your Child Is In Immediate Danger

Emergency custody orders are useful in cases involving severe drug and alcohol problems, in cases of sexual abuse, in cases where the custodial parent is incarcerated or where the other party is suffering from severe emotional or mental issues resulting in hospitalization or a complete breakdown. Courts will generally protect children in each of these situations.

Unfortunately, protective orders are often wrongfully obtained and misused to exclude you from your home and contact with your children. A falsely obtained protection order can have devastating effects regarding child custody and visitation.

Paul F. Sherman is keenly aware of the potential harm brought about by a false or wrongfully issued protection, restraining or Family Abuse Prevention Act order. The requirements for challenging these orders require the expertise of an experienced protection order lawyer with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect you and your family.

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