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Many of our clients often wonder if they could possibly handle their own divorce. The answer depends on the risk you want to take on the outcome of your case. You could try to handle your own divorce if your marriage was very short with no children or no assets; or if you have lots of time to spend at the library trying to figure out the law or how to prepare the forms you need to court. Who needs the aggravation? You should hire an expert.

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Face it, the dissolution process is messy, complicated and an emotional nightmare. You simply don’t need the added stress of trying to figure out the law, getting the paperwork right and correctly presenting your case to the court. There are also numerous situations where you definitely need an experienced and effective divorce attorney:

• You have children under the age of 18 or attending school.
• You have a long-term marriage with substantial assets.
• You are already arguing with your spouse on the division of assets or child custody.
• Your case involves child abuse, domestic violence or significant drug or alcohol addiction.
• Your spouse is hiding assets.
• You are in a same-sex marriage or domestic partnership situation.
• You are the owner of a business.
• You own real property.
• Your spouse is in the military.
• Your marital estate has significant assets.
• You have retirement benefits to divide.


Many people attempt a do-it-yourself divorce to save money. In reality, representing yourself can have devastating financial consequences if you make a mistake. Your child’s well being may be substantially impacted. Your tax liability could last a lifetime. You could end up paying money you don’t have. You have to face the facts. The dissolution process is not straightforward. You simply cannot know every consequence of your actions in a divorce without decades of legal training.

The dissolution process requires a lot of forms to be completed and the process is confusing to say the least. It isn’t like buying a car. If you make an error or miscalculate, it could have serious unintended consequences. You may end up not obtaining your fair share of assets or paying way too much for spousal or child support. You definitely risk not getting your fair share of the marital estate. It could also have much more serious consequences such as losing custody of your children or spending less time with your children than you deserve.

Moreover, having a professionally prepared agreement is essential. Not having an appropriate Judgment of Dissolution can put you in the situation of not being able to obtain your fair share or any share of substantial assets. You also run the risk of not being able to enforce your judgment. Most individuals simply do not have the experience necessary to consider what is required in a divorce, such as paying for college, dividing retirement assets, or dividing the family home. Mistakes mean that you will have to go back to court to fix them and this will require substantially more time and money than doing the job right in the first place.


This may be your first divorce. Get the help you deserve. At the Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman, we have over thirty years of experience in handling divorce and family law matters. We are experts in helping our clients obtain the best possible outcome for their cases. We know the latest developments in family law and have substantial experience with how the law is applied to your specific case. We know what to expect from the court system. We know what it takes to get your case handled correctly.

We know you have questions and we have answers. If you would like to know more about the dissolution process, call the Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman at (503) 223-8441 or Contact Us for a free divorce and family law consultation. You shouldn’t have to go through one of life’s hardest experiences alone.