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Why Should I Hire An Attorney For My Divorce Or Custody Case?

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Under current economic conditions, many divorcing couples consider a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce to save money. Unfortunately, a DIY divorce can actually cost you more money than retaining an attorney.

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The dissolution and custody process is complex and requires extensive skill and knowledge to be handled properly. People attempting a DIY divorce often make horrible mistakes that can cost a small fortune to correct. You simply cannot know the consequences of your actions in a divorce or custody case without the necessary skills and training.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of complicated forms and technical requirements in every dissolution. The forms are confusing and can be technical. A divorce or custody case is not something simple like buying a new pair of shoes. Errors and miscalculations can have serious unintended financial consequences. Most people are unaware that property divisions are not modifiable after entry of judgment.

Economic circumstances can change in a heartbeat in today’s economy. Do it yourselfers often pay too much to an ex for spousal or child support due to emotional issues or guilt about the break-up. Later, they are unable to make the payments they have agreed to and can be forced into bankruptcy ruining their personal financial lives and credit.

Lack of training often results in not getting your fair share of property in the marital estate. There are even more serious consequences, like receiving less quality time with your children than you would have gotten with a skilled family law attorney. Many people are surprised to discover the financial agreements they agreed to are legally binding, even when they discover further down the road that they are neither fair nor equitable. It is important to have a skilled family law attorney to consider everything at issue in your divorce and custody case including spousal and child support, custody and parenting time. DIY mistakes require the parties to go back to court and spend much more time and money. They can cost a fortune to correct.

The fact of the matter is that divorce is complicated and often complicated emotions. You should never attempt a DIY divorce when you have a child under age 18; you have been involved in a long-term marriage or there is already conflict about how the marital estate is divided; if child or domestic abuse is involved or there are serious problems with mental illness, with drugs or alcohol addiction; when you are in a same-sex marriage; when you own a business together; when you own real property; where the parties are facing bankruptcy; where one of the parties is in the military; or where the marital estate contains significant assets to be divided.


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