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First DUI Charge Alert for Super Bowl Weekend

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2011 | Diversion, DUII

Police will be out in force this Superbowl weekend.  If you find yourself arrested or charged for driving under the influence for the first time, you have important statutory rights that could keep you out of jail and reduce your fines and license suspension.

First Offense DUI.  Driving under the influence is a Class A misdemeanor for a First Offense DUI defendant.  A conviction for misdemeanor drunk driving carries a maximum jail sentence of one year and/or $6,250 fine.  First offense drunk driving defendants are generally eligible for diversion.

FIRST OFFENSE DUI DIVERSION. When you need an experienced DUI Diversion Attorney.

First Offense DUI Diversion programs allow eligible individuals to avoid a DUII conviction and other serious sentencing penalties upon successful completion of the diversion program requirements.  A successful completion of diversion results in the dismissal of the DUII charge at the end of one year. For more information about the Oregon DUII diversion program, call Paul Sherman today at (503) 223-8441 for a FREE FIRST OFFENSE DUI DIVERSION consultation.

A first offense DUI defendant seeking to enter diversion must first plead guilty to the DUI offense.  Few people will want to plead guilty to an Oregon DUII (a Class A misdemeanor crime) without the assistance of an experienced DUII attorney.  This is especially true when a criminal conviction and court sentence are now mandatory if diversion is terminated for any reason. This results in mandatory jail time and license suspension. There is no trial and no get out of jail free card.


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