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Last updated on September 12, 2023

For more than 35 years, Paul F. Sherman has been helping his clients with child relocations.

Unfortunately relocations are an ever-increasing reality of modern society. Many parents are required to move because of their jobs, military transfers or to obtain employment. Relocations present a particularly delicate issue to divorcing couples or unmarried parents who have a formal custody order or parenting time plan. Most often, the relocation renders the current agreement useless or unreasonably expensive to follow. State laws dictate what procedures must be followed when a parent is attempting to move or to prevent a parent from moving with your children.

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Paul F. Sherman Is A Skilled And Effective Child Relocation Attorney

Paul F. Sherman recognizes the impact that a relocation can have on the most important thing to you and your family, time with your children. We have successfully helped clients with cases involving:

  • Obtaining Court authority to allow the relocation to occur
  • Negotiating a new parenting plan
  • Creating a long distance parenting plan
  • Changing custody to the non-relocating parent
  • Stopping an improper relocation

Paul F. Sherman has the experience necessary to address your relocation issues and to protect your parental rights.

Contact Paul F. Sherman For Expert Advice On Your Child Relocation Case And Get The Results You And Your Family Deserve

The Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman have decades of vital experience in child relocation cases.  We are determined to get you the best possible outcome on your case.  We offer personal service with proven results.  We are experienced, skilled and affordable.

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