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The overwhelming majority of dissolution, separation, and custody cases are resolved by settlement agreement. As such, the importance of a skilled divorce settlement agreement attorney cannot be overemphasized. We are highly skilled in drafting Stipulated Judgments you can enforce.

A global settlement in a divorce or custody proceeding provides a foundation for enforcing time with your children, how much support is owed, and the division of assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage. A marital settlement agreement or separation contract will impact the entire family for years to come and requires the expertise of a skilled divorce settlement agreement lawyer to ensure it is well-drafted and that your rights are well-protected. You should never sign a settlement agreement without first consulting an experienced divorce or family law attorney.

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Paul F. Sherman is an Experienced Marital Settlement Agreement

At the Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman, we recognize the importance of a well-drafted divorce settlement agreement and the far-reaching consequences that such agreements have for your family on the issues of custody, child support, spousal support and all other facets of a divorce or legal separation. Our goal is to draft settlement agreements that are enforceable, understandable and designed to help you stay out of court in the future.

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