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Restraining orders are an essential tool in the divorce and family law setting. There are a variety of restraining orders that are useful in maintaining the status quo to protect your assets and the safety of your family. Paul F. Sherman is skilled in using restraining orders to protect our clients as well as defending against wrongfully issued restraining orders that are harmful or inappropriate.

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Paul F. Sherman is an Experienced Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining orders are often used to prevent your spouse from depleting assets while going through a divorce or legal separation. Restraining orders can prevent the wasting of assets or unnecessarily increasing credit lines, credit cards, making withdrawals from retirement or investment accounts, and running up significant debts while a divorce is pending.

Restraining orders can also be used to address the actions and behavior of the other party. Restraining orders can be effectively used to limit contact, control inappropriate behaviors such as drinking, drug use, harassment, intimidation, unwanted phone calls, or to prevent inappropriate behavior around your children.

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