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Lingering anger and resentment are not uncommon following a contentious divorce or custody action. Unfortunately, these negative emotions often compel individuals to defy court orders. If you are being denied the benefits that were awarded to you in a divorce, separation or custody case, you may be able to get relief through contempt or other enforcement proceedings.

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Contempt or other enforcement proceedings may be used to enforce a judgment or court order requiring a specific act by the other party. Such actions routinely involve the refusal to pay spousal support, family support or child support, the refusal to pay unreimbursed medical expenses and other material issues set forth in the judgment or court order. The court has the power to hold a party in contempt of court for willfully disobeying a judgment or court order. The contempt statutes provide a wide variety of relief and sanctions including attorneys fees designed to gain compliance of the offending party.

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Paul F. Sherman has been successfully representing clients in a variety of enforcement proceedings, including contempt and orders to show cause. We have helped our clients enforce judgments in cases which involve:

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