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At the Law Offices of Paul F. Sherman we recognize that divorce is difficult even under the best of circumstances. To assist you in the dissolution process, we have assembled information that provides answers to commonly asked questions.


http://www.childcenteredsolutions.org/ - A non-profit organization focused on the needs of children involved in the divorce process

http://www.4divorce.com/ - Information on divorce, family law, legal advice, child custody and support.

http://www.divorcecare.com/ - Divorce Care is a special support group where you can find help as you recover from the hurt of separation or divorce.

http://www.divorceinfo.com/ - Family law and divorce resource designed to help you get through divorce and move on with your life.

http://www.divorcesupport.com/ - Helpful and supportive information about divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, modifications, separation, alimony, statutes, and much more.

http://www.divorcesource.com/ - A legal resource for divorce, custody, alimony and support.

http://www.genelex.com/paternitytesting/paternityindex.html - Offering extremely accurate DNA paternity testing.

http://www.heartchoice.com/ - Visit sites that provide information about marriage, divorce and family. This site also provides you with an opportunity to interact with other people who are dealing with the same issues as you are.

http://www.howtogetadivorce.com/ - Provides information on state divorce laws, statutes and guidelines. This site offers many resources on family issues during the divorce process.

http://www4.law.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/htm_hl?DB=topics&STEMMER=en&WORDS=divorc+&COLOUR=Red&STYLE=s&URL=http://wwwsecure.law.cornell.edu/topics/divorce.html - Offers material covering federal judicial decisions, state statutes, and state divorce laws. It houses additional web sites supporting divorce resources and other family law topics.

http://www4.law.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/htm_hl?DB=topics&STEMMER=en&WORDS=divorc+&COLOUR=Red&STYLE=s&URL=http://wwwsecure.law.cornell.edu/topics/child_custody.html - Contains information about child custody from all levels of the law: federal statutes, federal judicial decisions, state statutes, appellate decisions from other states, and international decisions.

http://www.looksmart.com/ - Searches for family activities and resources by city and state. This site offers a wide variety of categories.

http://www.smartdivorce.com/ - Your learning center for practical solutions to divorce challenges. Site offers news articles on divorce, divorce strategy, divorce resources, support groups and financial planners.

http://www.divorcecentral.com/ - Chat with experts, search laws by state and find out ways to consolidate debt.

http://www.divorcehelp.com/ - Numerous tips on what you can expect from the divorce process.

http://www.divorcenet.com/ - Multitudes of interactive bulletin boards also download 20,000 legal forms.

http://www.divorceonline.com/ - Many articles written by professionals on subjects like finances, the law, psychology, real estate, domestic violence and many more.

Directory of Businesses - Offering free business listings and affordable advertising.

DivorceLinks.com - State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center