Oregon Dissolution Statutes


107.005 Annulment of void marriage; declaration of validity; effect of declaration

107.015 Grounds for annulment or dissolution of marriage

107.025 Irreconcilable differences as grounds for dissolution or separation

107.036 Doctrines of fault and in pari delicto abolished; evidence and consideration of fault

107.046 Appearance by public official

107.055 Appearance by respondent; affirmative defenses abolished

107.065 Waiting period in dissolution suit; waiver

107.075 Residence requirements

107.085 Petition; title; content

107.086 Where to file petition

107.087 When petition to be served on Division of Child Support

107.088 Clerk of court to furnish certain information when petition is filed

107.089 Documents parties must furnish to each other; effect of failure to furnish

107.092 Notice that spouse may continue health insurance coverage; liability of clerk

107.093 Restraining order; request for hearing

107.094 Forms for restraining order and request for hearing

107.095 Provisions court may make after commencement of suit and before judgment

107.097 Ex parte temporary custody or parenting time orders; temporary protective order of restraint; hearing

107.101 Policy regarding parenting

107.102 Parenting plan; content

107.104 Policy regarding settlement; enforcement of settlement terms; remedies

107.105 Provisions of judgment

107.106 Provisions of order or judgment providing for custody, parenting time, visitation or support of child

107.108 Support or maintenance for child attending school; rules

107.111 When parents equally responsible for funeral expenses of child

107.115 Effect of judgment; effective date; appeal pending upon death of party

107.118 Definitions for ORS 107.118 to 107.131

107.121 Revocation of designation of beneficiary upon entry of judgment

107.124 Effect of revocation

107.127 Notice of revocation; payments made under governing instrument

107.131 Conveyance or release of contingent or expectant interests

107.135 Vacation or modification of judgment; policy regarding settlement; enforcement of settlement terms; remedies

107.136 Reinstatement of terminated spousal support

107.137 Factors considered in determining custody of child

107.138 Temporary status quo order regarding child custody

107.139 Post-judgment ex parte temporary custody or parenting time order; hearing

107.149 Policy regarding parents and their children

107.154 Authority of parent when other parent granted sole custody of child

107.159 Notice of change of residence

107.164 Parents' duty to provide information to each other

107.169 Joint custody of child; modification

107.174 Modification of order for parenting time; stipulation; exception for nonresident child

107.179 Request for joint custody of children; mediation

107.400 Amendment of pleadings in dissolution, annulment or separation proceedings to change relief sought

107.405 Powers of court in dissolution, annulment or separation proceedings

107.406 Finding; policy regarding spousal support

107.407 Petition to set aside spousal support provisions of judgment

107.412 Procedure applicable to ORS 107.407; matters considered; attorney fees

107.415 Notice of change of status of child; effect of failure to give notice

107.425 Investigation of parties in domestic relations suit involving children; physical, psychological, psychiatric or mental health examinations; parenting plan services; counsel for children

107.431 Modification of portion of judgment regarding parenting time or child support; procedure

107.434 Expedited parenting time enforcement procedure; fees; remedies

107.437 Order of assistance to obtain custody of child held in violation of custody order

107.445 Attorney fees in certain domestic relations proceedings

107.449 Transfer of proceeding under ORS 107.135 to auxiliary circuit court

107.452 Reopening case if assets discovered after entry of judgment


107.455 Effect of separation statutes or judgments on subsequent dissolution proceedings

107.465 Conversion of judgment of separation into judgment of dissolution

107.475 Court to determine duration of separation; modification or vacation of judgment


107.485 Conditions for summary dissolution procedure

107.490 Commencement of proceeding; petition content; court authority

107.500 Forms


107.700 Short title

107.705 Definitions for ORS 107.700 to 107.735

107.707 Application of Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

107.710 Petition to circuit court for relief; burden of proof

107.716 Hearing; order; certificate of compliance; effect on title to real property; no undertaking required

107.718 Restraining order; service of order; request for hearing

107.719 Removal of personal effects; party accompanied by peace officer

107.720 Enforcement of restraining orders; sheriff's proceedings; security; termination order

107.721 Petitioner's change of residence

107.722 Effect of dissolution, annulment or separation judgment or modification order on abuse prevention order; modification of preexisting order or judgment

107.723 Service of restraining order; facsimile by sheriff

107.725 Renewal of order entered under ORS 107.716 or 107.718

107.726 Standing to petition for relief of person under 18 years of age

107.728 Where to file petition; contempt proceedings

107.730 Modification of order entered under ORS 107.700 to 107.735; attorney fees

107.732 Recovering custody of child

107.735 Duties of State Court Administrator